Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yes, I was strong WHEN....

When things do not work our way,
When all we ever wanted, turns away.
When you feel your life is on the edge,
Yes, I was strong enough to live through these.

When dark clouds swarmed in the vast sky,
When thunders roar and lightening strikes,
When the blue sky turns all grey,
Yes, I was strong enough to live through these.

When appetites go, and thirsty no more,
When coffee tastes like cough-syrups,
When even your favourite dish turns a yucky-factor,
Yes, I was strong enough to live through these.

When people's company was no fun.
When friends' consolation means nothing,
When your stay at home is not enjoyable,
Yes, I was strong enough to live through these.

When all hopes sets with the sun in the evening,
When  they doesn't rise again the next day,
When you think, all hopes are in vain,
Yes, I was strong enough to live through these.

I have had a blind faith and high hopes,
Despite all the breakdowns and tough times
Believing sour times; being a blessing in disguise,
But yes, that was what it turned out to be.

I am blessed that my prayers worked,
My wishes and hopes did not go in vain.
Dear ones' support and comfort shined magically,
I am blessed for I am blessed!

And yes, it was worth being strong when all these happened :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A note for my friend

So sweet, sometimes;
I feel like giving you a bear-hug.
A house-fly at times,
Irritates me till I want to kick you in de *ss.
I know somewhere in your heart,
You've hold a place for me to stay,
Just like I have one for you!
I love you, oh dear friend of mine!

A birthday wish for my brother

My beloved brother,
You say dumb things and spoil my mood. You're a pain sometimes and that's no lie.
You're the only one with whom I share clothes, the one with whom, I grew up into a fine youth.
Somebody; to whom I hurt pretty much and that same som
ebody, I care the pretty most.
For all these things and yet more, a loving brother you'll always be.
Someone too close to me despite the fact that we quarrel much, someone too dear and too important for me.
I love you and I always will.
Love, hugs and kisses on your BIRTHDAY, many happy returns of the day!"
Love of a Sister

Teachers' Day wish to Everybody

On this teachers' day, I not only thank my school teachers, but my family, friends and everybody out there who taught me great deals in life. I also thank those who had upset me, for 'teaching' me patience, sympathy and how to tackle hard times. We teach and learn at the same time, besides our formal education. Happy teachers day to everybody!