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Look at her. She loves you a little more each passing day, Fighting against her feeling of being shot within. Every morning she wakes up to twisted linen  From last night’s hurricane; struggling to sleep.
Look at her. The tears shed from her weary eyes wet her pillow, While salty sobs soak in her burned cheeks. Every night she is haunted by your demons, Keeping her awake with thoughts of you.
Look at her. She takes strolls alone around the city at 3am, Dances with the ghosts of you wandering along. Stumbling each time the ghosts mention your name, They leave her not, they never do.
Look at her. A bony body, still refuses to eat. She stares at her plate as if she sees you there. Every glass of wine she finishes just to forget you, She sees your face at the bottom of the glass..
Look at her. Her chestnut hair uncombed, she never leaves her house, She snuggles her head in her blanket and weeps. She would give every broken piece of her to have you back Her hollow eyes would only sparkle with the colour of yours.

For The Love of Coffee

There’s something ravishing about the bond she shares with coffee. It is as strong as the coffee she prefers. She has coffee on her mind and coffee on her checklist. It tops the list of the things she should never leave. She falls for it time and again for making her day beautiful in every little way it could. From the prayers she says before the first sip of the day's first coffee, to finding months-old stains of dripped coffee on her favourite notepad; she loves every bit of how the addictive drink has to do with her sober life. She laughs at how she slurps her coffee and how the thick and foamy milk stays on her upper lips like a moustache. She loves the strong aroma coming from the rich coffee that fills her surrounding and  how the bitter yet sweet flavour always has a way with her. She is in love with coffee a little too much; she at times, even dreams of spending the rest of her life in a cafĂ© and nowhere else.

INTERVIEW: Kunga Chemi

Kunga Chemi is a twenty-one year old Tibetan girl from Rajpur, Dehradun (India) who moved to New York, US in the year 2002 when she was only nine. She has a melodious voice.  She sings cover songs and shares them on social media like Sound Cloud, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. She is in a music band in New York called; wOne Sound.

Tenzin Woesel: Hello, I am Tenzin Woesel. I am doing a project to interview young talented Tibetans around the globe to make people of the world aware that Tibet is an independent nation and has its own celebrities just like  other nations. With this project, I also intend to appreciate  and encourage young Tibetan women like you who are talented and are pursuing their passion to go further. For almost a year now I have been enjoying listening to your music and I have a few of your songs on my playlist. Thank you for accepting my request to have an interview with you on Skype. Kunga Chemi: I think what you are doing is really great. Keep up with your aweso…


Flowers wither. Seasons change. Youth ages. Feelings fade. Men pass away; So does time.
Sunrise and sunset Birth and death; Spring, summer, Autumn, then winter. Hellos and goodbyes; Meetings and partings.
Happy a minute; Sad the next. No material permanent; Feelings alike. For nothing lasts, Evermore.