Friday, December 20, 2013

The Love-Cursed Voyage

We set off from the shore of love,
Love which gave rise to expectations,
Expectations of things going perfect,
Perfect as planned, as we sailed.

The day we headed into the sea,
The sun shined bright and the sea; calm.
"Bon Voyage" and waves, heartbeat fast,
Happiness in our heart flashed on our faces.

Days passed as we sailed into the vast sea,
Waves started drifting us hither and thither.
Dark clouds wandered, harsh winds blew,
We uttered "God, save us" but all in vain!

Thunders roared down the sky,
To the sea, we were sailing gleefully.
Lightning stroke and left us pathetic
Never did we expect this would happen.

We held our hands tight and prayed,
We held our breath long, then sighed.
If only we can reach the shores back,
If only we have not started the voyage.

The deafening thunder rumbled,
The volcanic lightning flashed.
We cursed the weather, we cursed love.
We blamed our fate. Our destiny as well.

Our ship started sinking, we panicked.
Seeing death trolling us, we lost our nerve.
We stayed in one another's arm,
We closed our eyes. FOREVER.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Many reasons to love this day!

Despite having the jittery mind going through the exam phase, Monday still made me smile and it's not just one reason it gave me, but many! 
This controversial, yet celebrated blogger; Perez Hilton retweeted my tweet early this morning, trailed by a 'Follow' from Cody Simpson at 6am (which I least expected). The dashing boy-band whom I have dedicated three long years as an obsessed fan-girl; One Direction's third album #MidnightMemories is officially released today although it has been leaked a week early. Further more, one of the big music awards, #AMAs 2013 is happening right now in Los Angeles. In spite of not being able to watch it LIVE due to the examination week i'm going through, i'm getting the best of updates from  Hollywood's oh-so-entertaining Celebrity-journalists whom I look up to. Adding to the thrill of AMAs, One Direction is performing LIVE today. The last reason for the big weird smile on my happy face is; Justin Bieber's new music #RollerCoaster is going be out today . I have been one of those many people who all the time give rants to the blameless Monday but Bieber has given all the Beliebers the reason to love the 'used-to-be-dull' day, ever since he started #MusicMondays. 
Aaah It's just the start and I'm already in love with the day! Happy Monday, friends! Keep me in your prayers for the paper I have to face today. 

Monday, November 11, 2013


I confess, I am hooked to Twitter and that doesn't make me any less of a sensible human being. 'Being human' can be practiced anywhere! Yes, Twitter must be a big waste of time, stalking celebrities and tweeting what's happening in our daily lives but there are more to it than people who haven't been on Twitter can ever think of. There are wise and sensible tweets also, not just gossips!
#PrayForJustinBieber and #StayStrongJustin is trending on Twitter, the world knows. Yes, he is below-par due to the food poisoning in Argentina but the suffering he is going through is not even the half of what Philippines; the country who is hit by the deadliest natural disaster on record; Typhoon Yolanda, is facing. There are over millions of Beliebers(Justin Bieber's fan and I'm one among them) who have been tweeting #PrayForJustin and are other millions(I'm also in that category) who are passing judgement on how the Beliebers cannot think of how disastrous life the Philippians are experiencing at the moment. I'm writing this article with a neutral opinion on both the hot Twitter trends, unbiased and on the fence. 
                Being Beliebers, we are worried of Justin; who is feeling down in the dumps with his recent break up with his almost-3 years girlfriend Selena Gomez, being on headlines for the naughty stuffs he has been doing and in addition to these, his health on the off-colour is irrefutably a dispiriting thing for him, his dear ones and the fan base. We are trending the #PrayForJustinBieber to show him love, support and prayers so that he will psychologically feel better. I humbly appeal each one of you, not to deem the Beliebers as selfish and immoral as many tweeted so, but just understand that we ourselves are living in a Bieber-world, obsessed with him and fretting over his illness.
     The devastating news of Philippines being tormented by the Typhoon Yolanda, was in headlines everywhere around the world. As per the BBC News; Officials estimate up to 10,000 people have died in Tacloban city and elsewhere. Hundreds of thousands of people are displaced. "We are so very hungry and thirsty." one survivor told the BBC's Jon Donnison in Tacloban.
It is disheartening to hear about the nightmarish life they are undergoing. It is definitely unimaginable of how they are living through this tragedy and how smooth yet discontented lives we are living. We should always appreciate what we have and be gratified rather than complain of what we do not have because we never know when it will be all gone.We are too engrossed in our own activities that we do not realize the miseries others are going through. The victims are living a miserable life and why not take some time out from our eventful life and pray for them? If you are on any social-networking sites, post or tweet #PrayForThePhilippines and this way we can at least give them rays of hope and support whether it makes some sense or not. The Beliebers, pray for the Philippines too and not only for our Justin. Let us weigh the priorities and send prayers to the victims of the catastrophe.
I plea, before you go to bed tonight, pray for those who cannot sleep, those who are hungry and thirsty, those who have lost their families and friends, and those who have lost their lives. Let's pray all together!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Happy birthday, sister!

Beautiful moments we shared,
We laugh, we quarrel, yet we love.
For bitter things happen, tears shed.
This strong bond the two of us share.

We confide secrets, and spill out not.
We share and help each other stay strong,
We trust, believe and we love,
Sisters are friends; Tom, Dick and Harry know! 

We stay mad at each other,
At times, petty things manage to get in between.
Too small those are, to break this bond,
We shed our ego and turn to each other.

I've been mean, bitter & trouble-some at times,
Yet you've been a sweet, loving and caring sister.
For what life brings; we know not,
'Sisters'; a relation cherished forever and always.

On this return of the day you were born,
I swear this pinky-promise to you;
No matter what we go through in our lives ahead,
I'll always be there for you.

Monday, October 14, 2013

A 'THANK YOU' note from the heart

This goes out to that one girl who stabbed me in the back yet i'm still alive and kicking.

You may wonder why I'm acting this way,
Or you may think I've changed. 
But why not look at yourself,
And think what wrong you did to me?

We meet different people in different walks of our life. It was my first year of my Bachelors and staying in a Tibetan Hostel, we come across students from different schools. I got a roommate whom I met for the very first time. As months passed by, we got closer. We turned from 'girls who exchanged smiles' to 'friends who shared what was going on in our lives'. Who would not believe someone who gives the best of suggestions we ask for, and who would not trust someone who knows what's going on in each other's life? It's so easy to believe someone when they tell you exactly what you want to hear. Our friendship went on a smooth pace but again a question, who knew what would happen?
I was betrayed and back stabbed by the girl  I talked about, above. May be I was too dumb to trust her or she was too senseless to mess up this friendship. What ever the thing is, I'm done being a good friend to someone; who doesn't deserve. I left the friendship and i don't even want to see her face again. So we still ignore each other and pretend the other one doesn't exist. She neither apologized me nor she bothered to ask why i'm staying away from her. I was taken aback when I found out what she was upto. I cannot even believe what I saw and heard. 
Leave the past, for what happened has happened. This small incident which happened to me, might have left me in remorse for few days but it did make me stronger mentally than I was before. Although we don't talk anymore, i forgave her within myself, for what mistake she committed and I still pity her for she cannot value the friendship we share, rather headed out for illusions. Never will i turn to her again, and never will i believe people so easy. This is more of a lesson to me than a bad incident. I don't know if this is my weakness or my strength, but I cut people out of my life, if they hurt me. I try my best to be forgiving but there are certain actions that I just cannot tolerate. You might have wondered why I've been acting this way or you might have spoken bad of me in my absence. I would say; Don't judge me. You only see what I choose to show. My action is the reaction to your action. Thank you for pushing me back to reality and massive thank you for making me stronger than I ever was! 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Why hate Miley when you can support her!?

Why does everybody keep on poking in Miley Cyrus' life? Why comment if you have nothing good to say? I don't understand why some people keep on bothering about her life when they fail in doing what they; themselves need to do. We should accept the fact that she is a talented young girl who is now emerging into the womanhood of how she wants it to be. It's not how we want her as, which matters.  What matters is, what and how she wants to grow up to be. Why bother then? If something she does is bothering you, not looking up to #hashtags of her will help you, I believe. What-so-ever you comment on her, she will be the Miley she is. Your opinions are not needed. Stop complaining and start supporting her. This will help. Why hate her? Why, oh why? I'm sending her loves from across the oceans! xoxo

I want JELENA back!

I love Jelena which is the combined name for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. I personally feel they should get back to their old relationship because they are the cutest couple I have ever seen. I love how Justin still writes songs for her and how he is still not over their breakup. We know that from Justin's new hit "Heart Breaker". Is Selena's single "Come and Get it" an invitation enough for Justin to go back to her? Or has she moved on from the break up? If both of them need each other, I guess rather than staying in a bitter situation where both want one another and not confess, getting  back to the adorable JELENA couple is THE BEST!

The Bumby Bus Ride

A day out with my mom to the hustle-bustle town of Lower Dharamsala turned out to be a well-spent Sunday but indeed a scary one! To the place of loud beeps of vehicles, people bustling hither-thither, we headed from Forsyth Ganj; a small multi-cultured village, halfway to McLoed Ganj; the Little Lhasa in exile. On the horns of delimma of choosing between the crowded jeeps and the buses, we settled our decision to take the bus ride down to the town. I would say, I'm thankful, I'm alive. Are you wondering why?
The winding roads of Dharamsala is just too scary to ride bikes and drive cars. But atleast that would be much better than riding an overloaded bus! The bus driver and the conductor, is sorry-not-sorry to the passengers in the bus, and I'm not getting whether they are favouring the people waiting for buses on the way, or they are in thirst for making more money. They kept on welcoming more passengers and left us worrying, when the bus would tumble down the steep. With each new passenger boarding the bus, my heart skipped a beat with anxiety. The road is full of twists and turns. I was not the only one who is worried, so is my mom! But to my queer suprise, the other passengers were so calm and not bothered how many more are boarding the bus. Adding to the surprise in seeing the 'not-afraid' reactions from the other passengers, the bus conductor to whom, me and my mom kept nagging about the over-loaded bus, he was trying to convince us that it is going to be a safe ride and told us not to worry. May be they are used to the appalling ride! We never was convinced until we reached the town safe and sound despite the horrid ride.
Never will I forget this sickening 8km bus ride!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yes, I was strong WHEN....

When things do not work our way,
When all we ever wanted, turns away.
When you feel your life is on the edge,
Yes, I was strong enough to live through these.

When dark clouds swarmed in the vast sky,
When thunders roar and lightening strikes,
When the blue sky turns all grey,
Yes, I was strong enough to live through these.

When appetites go, and thirsty no more,
When coffee tastes like cough-syrups,
When even your favourite dish turns a yucky-factor,
Yes, I was strong enough to live through these.

When people's company was no fun.
When friends' consolation means nothing,
When your stay at home is not enjoyable,
Yes, I was strong enough to live through these.

When all hopes sets with the sun in the evening,
When  they doesn't rise again the next day,
When you think, all hopes are in vain,
Yes, I was strong enough to live through these.

I have had a blind faith and high hopes,
Despite all the breakdowns and tough times
Believing sour times; being a blessing in disguise,
But yes, that was what it turned out to be.

I am blessed that my prayers worked,
My wishes and hopes did not go in vain.
Dear ones' support and comfort shined magically,
I am blessed for I am blessed!

And yes, it was worth being strong when all these happened :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A note for my friend

So sweet, sometimes;
I feel like giving you a bear-hug.
A house-fly at times,
Irritates me till I want to kick you in de *ss.
I know somewhere in your heart,
You've hold a place for me to stay,
Just like I have one for you!
I love you, oh dear friend of mine!

A birthday wish for my brother

My beloved brother,
You say dumb things and spoil my mood. You're a pain sometimes and that's no lie.
You're the only one with whom I share clothes, the one with whom, I grew up into a fine youth.
Somebody; to whom I hurt pretty much and that same som
ebody, I care the pretty most.
For all these things and yet more, a loving brother you'll always be.
Someone too close to me despite the fact that we quarrel much, someone too dear and too important for me.
I love you and I always will.
Love, hugs and kisses on your BIRTHDAY, many happy returns of the day!"
Love of a Sister

Teachers' Day wish to Everybody

On this teachers' day, I not only thank my school teachers, but my family, friends and everybody out there who taught me great deals in life. I also thank those who had upset me, for 'teaching' me patience, sympathy and how to tackle hard times. We teach and learn at the same time, besides our formal education. Happy teachers day to everybody!