Monday, October 14, 2013

A 'THANK YOU' note from the heart

This goes out to that one girl who stabbed me in the back yet i'm still alive and kicking.

You may wonder why I'm acting this way,
Or you may think I've changed. 
But why not look at yourself,
And think what wrong you did to me?

We meet different people in different walks of our life. It was my first year of my Bachelors and staying in a Tibetan Hostel, we come across students from different schools. I got a roommate whom I met for the very first time. As months passed by, we got closer. We turned from 'girls who exchanged smiles' to 'friends who shared what was going on in our lives'. Who would not believe someone who gives the best of suggestions we ask for, and who would not trust someone who knows what's going on in each other's life? It's so easy to believe someone when they tell you exactly what you want to hear. Our friendship went on a smooth pace but again a question, who knew what would happen?
I was betrayed and back stabbed by the girl  I talked about, above. May be I was too dumb to trust her or she was too senseless to mess up this friendship. What ever the thing is, I'm done being a good friend to someone; who doesn't deserve. I left the friendship and i don't even want to see her face again. So we still ignore each other and pretend the other one doesn't exist. She neither apologized me nor she bothered to ask why i'm staying away from her. I was taken aback when I found out what she was upto. I cannot even believe what I saw and heard. 
Leave the past, for what happened has happened. This small incident which happened to me, might have left me in remorse for few days but it did make me stronger mentally than I was before. Although we don't talk anymore, i forgave her within myself, for what mistake she committed and I still pity her for she cannot value the friendship we share, rather headed out for illusions. Never will i turn to her again, and never will i believe people so easy. This is more of a lesson to me than a bad incident. I don't know if this is my weakness or my strength, but I cut people out of my life, if they hurt me. I try my best to be forgiving but there are certain actions that I just cannot tolerate. You might have wondered why I've been acting this way or you might have spoken bad of me in my absence. I would say; Don't judge me. You only see what I choose to show. My action is the reaction to your action. Thank you for pushing me back to reality and massive thank you for making me stronger than I ever was! 

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