Friday, March 7, 2014

International Women's Day

International Women's Day is also known as Working Women's Day. It is celebrated on the 8th day of March every year. Women has been an integral part of the human society since time immemorial. A woman turns a house into a home. In early times, men go to wars and hail glory but women stay at home, look after the house and the children. They are strong enough to stay away from their husbands who go to war for months. As Euripedes says in his play 'Medea', women is no less heroic than men. 

As a young woman from another country studying in Delhi, India, the only thing that worries me every time is, when I need to go out, the question comes if it is risky for a woman to go alone, regardless of what time of the day it is. There are news about women being raped and molested in the papers and TV news channels almost everyday. We are judged by the way we  dress. Since we are foreigners in the country, we were at times being teased for having a different face, unlike the local people.

Just as the coins have two sides, there's a brighter side to being a woman in Delhi too. The job opportunities for women, the equal treatment of both the sexes, the shopping malls, the women compartment in the metro-rail service, and etc, make our stay in the city more advantageous. We become more independent. Despite the insecurities I have, due to the constant pressures of the city being unsafe for women, I have grown stronger and more responsible. Living away from my family in a new place, I have become aware of the vulnerabilities of being a woman in a big city like Delhi. 

I strongly feel that there should be  GPRS facilities in the auto rickshaws, police men should make rounds in the city more often and the government should take the rape cases very seriously and give the accused the punishment they deserve, so as to make women in the city enjoy womanhood without being discriminated, harassed and to make them feel secure.

Happy Women's Day!