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I cursed the scorching sun till it set,And the plain flower till it withered. I cursed the pale moon till it faded; And everything worthless till nothing's left.
I mourned for the mighty sun set for the day, And for the lovely flower that soon withered. I mourned for the tranquil moon that faded away... And everything worthy I've lost.
For the sun rises every other day, And flowers bloom every spring season.. The moon emerges grand every night, I believe; "What goes around, comes around."

Dear Sun

Your rays touch my skin and wake me up every morning. You know not how I struggle each night to go to bed. The stars and the moon gaze at me shedding tears, Too sad; they cannot make a move and comfort me. 
I hope you leave not but stay for the night, And watch me toss and turn to fall asleep. Would you still touch my skin and wake me up? Or would you hold back and allow me to sleep undisturbed?