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Oh Ruthless Earthquake, Why Must You Come?

When towers stand tall and buildings, firm;
when men and women work to earn;
when children wear their happy smiles;
why must you come and wreck them all?
Out of the blue, there you turn up
uninvited, unexpected and unforeseen;
shake your hips for hardly any seconds,
dancing to music; no man hears.
The beat you dance to,
turns to groans and moans.
The humans cry in despair,
edifices collapse and souls, crushed.
Why must you come when
all you cause is harm and hurt?
Why must you come when
all you cause is sorrow and suffering?
Why must you come when
all you leave is chaos and corpses?
Why must you come when
all you leave is destruction and dismay?
And in silence you will escape,
leaving people relieved but for a while.
For the few seconds of your emergence,
leaves behind wreckage and ‘SOS’s.
Even if we beg you not to return,
you will, intending a worse destruction.
You’re ruthless, you’re savage,
for you, structures are weak; men, weaker.

12 Questions to All Players from a Curious Victim

1. What do you get in return for cheating and breaking hearts?
2. Do you fake everything right from the beginning or you lose interest as time passes on?
3. Have you ever thought about the feelings of the person you cheated on?
4. Why do you always prey on the innocent hearts?
5. Do you think you can bear the pain if somebody you loved played with your feelings?
6. Have you ever wondered how beautiful our lives would be, if each one of us were devoted to our partners?
7. Why do choose to fool the loyal hearts when there are many other players like you out there?
8. How would you feel if your own brother or sister was deceived and left shattered?
9. Do you think you will realize someday; what you had been doing is a heartless act?
10. Don’t you think life is too short to play games with love and fake feelings?
11. How long are you going to keep doing this awful thing?
12. Don’t you think there is more to life than just being an asshole?