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The Salman Khan Verdict

Lately been seeing too many posts on social media about the 'SalmanVerdict' and some heated arguments between the pro-Salman group of people and the opposition. Whatsoever, I hope humanity prevails. I'm neither supporting the Salman Khan verdict, nor against it.
In my view, those people who are pro-Salman are not looking at what bad he had done in the past but rather, bringing up all the good things he has been doing so far. On the other hand, the people who are anti-Salman in this case, are send hate for what had happened in the past and are unaware of, or have forgotten how many lives he has saved. 
That incident happened freakin' 13 (THIRTEEN) years back! I do accept the crime he committed and the punishment he deserves but how he values humanity now should also be considered and appreciated. People sending hate are only discouraging him to work for what he has been doing; helping those who are helpless, when people like him are needed today.
I am NOT saying that he sh…