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Happy birthday, sister!

Beautiful moments we shared, We laugh, we quarrel, yet we love. For bitter things happen, tears shed. This strong bond the two of us share.
We confide secrets, and spill out not. We share and help each other stay strong, We trust, believe and we love, Sisters are friends; Tom, Dick and Harry know! 
We stay mad at each other, At times, petty things manage to get in between. Too small those are, to break this bond, We shed our ego and turn to each other.
I've been mean, bitter & trouble-some at times, Yet you've been a sweet, loving and caring sister. For what life brings; we know not, 'Sisters'; a relation cherished forever and always.
On this return of the day you were born, I swear this pinky-promise to you; No matter what we go through in our lives ahead, I'll always be there for you.

A 'THANK YOU' note from the heart

This goes out to that one girl who stabbed me in the back yet i'm still alive and kicking.
You may wonder why I'm acting this way, Or you may think I've changed.  But why not look at yourself, And think what wrong you did to me?
We meet different people in different walks of our life. It was my first year of my Bachelors and staying in a Tibetan Hostel, we come across students from different schools. I got a roommate whom I met for the very first time. As months passed by, we got closer. We turned from 'girls who exchanged smiles' to 'friends who shared what was going on in our lives'. Who would not believe someone who gives the best of suggestions we ask for, and who would not trust someone who knows what's going on in each other's life? It's so easy to believe someone when they tell you exactly what you want to hear. Our friendship went on a smooth pace but again a question, who knew what would happen? I was betrayed and back stabbed by the girl  I …

Why hate Miley when you can support her!?

Why does everybody keep on poking in Miley Cyrus' life? Why comment if you have nothing good to say? I don't understand why some people keep on bothering about her life when they fail in doing what they; themselves need to do. We should accept the fact that she is a talented young girl who is now emerging into the womanhood of how she wants it to be. It's not how we want her as, which matters.  What matters is, what and how she wants to grow up to be. Why bother then? If something she does is bothering you, not looking up to #hashtags of her will help you, I believe. What-so-ever you comment on her, she will be the Miley she is. Your opinions are not needed. Stop complaining and start supporting her. This will help. Why hate her? Why, oh why? I'm sending her loves from across the oceans! xoxo

I want JELENA back!

I love Jelena which is the combined name for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. I personally feel they should get back to their old relationship because they are the cutest couple I have ever seen. I love how Justin still writes songs for her and how he is still not over their breakup. We know that from Justin's new hit "Heart Breaker". Is Selena's single "Come and Get it" an invitation enough for Justin to go back to her? Or has she moved on from the break up? If both of them need each other, I guess rather than staying in a bitter situation where both want one another and not confess, getting  back to the adorable JELENA couple is THE BEST!

The Bumby Bus Ride

A day out with my mom to the hustle-bustle town of Lower Dharamsala turned out to be a well-spent Sunday but indeed a scary one! To the place of loud beeps of vehicles, people bustling hither-thither, we headed from Forsyth Ganj; a small multi-cultured village, halfway to McLoed Ganj; the Little Lhasa in exile. On the horns of delimma of choosing between the crowded jeeps and the buses, we settled our decision to take the bus ride down to the town. I would say, I'm thankful, I'm alive. Are you wondering why?The winding roads of Dharamsala is just too scary to ride bikes and drive cars. But atleast that would be much better than riding an overloaded bus! The bus driver and the conductor, is sorry-not-sorry to the passengers in the bus, and I'm not getting whether they are favouring the people waiting for buses on the way, or they are in thirst for making more money. They kept on welcoming more passengers and left us worrying, when the bus would tumble down the steep. With e…