Thursday, October 24, 2013

Happy birthday, sister!

Beautiful moments we shared,
We laugh, we quarrel, yet we love.
For bitter things happen, tears shed.
This strong bond the two of us share.

We confide secrets, and spill out not.
We share and help each other stay strong,
We trust, believe and we love,
Sisters are friends; Tom, Dick and Harry know! 

We stay mad at each other,
At times, petty things manage to get in between.
Too small those are, to break this bond,
We shed our ego and turn to each other.

I've been mean, bitter & trouble-some at times,
Yet you've been a sweet, loving and caring sister.
For what life brings; we know not,
'Sisters'; a relation cherished forever and always.

On this return of the day you were born,
I swear this pinky-promise to you;
No matter what we go through in our lives ahead,
I'll always be there for you.

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