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Farewell 2015 With The Final Bow To The Heartbreaker!

To The Heartbreaker,
2015 was helluva year! I was loved and then unloved by you. Following that were days I felt betrayed and ditched and there were days I felt I had been pushed back to reality by a blessing in disguise. There were days I wanted to yell at your face so that you could see the heartbreak in my eyes and there were days I would do anything to avoid seeing you. There were days I longed to talk you one last time and there were days I felt I should not waste any more time on you because you had wasted enough of my time already. I had been living all these days-turned-months, fighting my feelings. These always seemed to win. Just one of these feelings burdened my heart enough: all of them together crushed me. 
Why did you have to lead me on for a few months only to tell me in the end that you had mistaken attraction for love? Growing up, I realised that love and loyalty are my strength and I expect the same back from the people I give them to. Why did you think it was okay to …

Why Are You Not A Feminist?

“Gender equality is a shared vision of social justice and human rights. Women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights.” - Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, UN Women Executive Director, at the High-level Thematic Debate on advancing gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, 6 March 2015 at UN Headquarters in New York. 
According to Wikipedia, Gender equality is based on “the view that men and women should receive equal treatment, and should not face discrimination”.  For gender equality to prevail, both the sexes should be treated equally. There is no equality when women are less privileged or being looked down upon. Women can do what men can and if not everything, we can do some things even men cannot do. We have qualities that many men do not possess.
Women are under-privileged and have been suffering from gender inequality for centuries. This is why the feminist movement was brought into action. Feminism is the belief that women should have the same rights and…

Luxury Brand Christian Louboutin Uplifts Body-Positivity Casting Plus-Size Model

After 20 long years of the very famous French luxury brand’s existence, Christian Louboutin finally casts a plus-size model, breaking the stereotype of only skinny women being beautiful and raising the confidence of women of the other shapes and sizes.
Clementine Desseaux, 27, who is now the face of Christian Louboutin’s campaign for their latest shade of red lipstick, Rouge Matte Velvet, is the first plus-size model to be featured in the brand’s ad campaign. She moved to New York to look for a full-figured model job after she failed to find one in Paris, France.
Women of all sizes and shapes are beautiful. The fashion brands hold a great responsibility and are influential in creating the stereotypes and encouraging the other gender in tagging only the skinny women as beautiful. All the sizes and shapes should be featured in every brand’s ad campaign and no women of sizes and shapes other than skinny are to be discouraged. Young people look up to the models and hence the preference of s…

INTERVIEW: Dikyi Ukyab

Dikyi Ukyab is a twenty-four year old Tibetan-Nepali based in New York, US. She has her own music album out and she sings cover music as well. She has a very unique passion and talent of hula hooping. Dikyi and her friend, Sangye Dolker, started the Khushi Project to help children in Nepal, affected by the recent traumatising earthquake. 
Tenzin Woesel: Hello, I am Tenzin Woesel. I have started a project to interview young talented Tibetans around the globe to make people of the world aware that Tibet is an independent nation and has its own celebrities just like the other nations. With this project, I also intend to appreciate and encourage young Tibetan women like you who are talented and are pursuing your passion to go further. I found you on Instagram and I checked your blog, your YouTube channel and your SoundCloud account. I love your voice and your big heart in helping the children of Nepal through the Khushi Project. Thank you for accepting my request to have an interview on Sk…

How My Grandmother Left Writing Poetry

Some years ago, I visited my grandmother and we went on a long walk to the far end of the village. During our time together, she told me so many stories of her salad-days; I cannot remember all now but one thing that has struck me since then was about how she left writing poetry.
I have heard from her friends that my grandmother unlike other girls of her age when she was young, would spend a lot of time alone; meditating on life and sometimes imagining herself to be a bird. “She was always seen with a book and a pen, writing poetry in the fields.”, a friend of hers once told me.
“In my early twenties, I was known as ‘the-poet-in-the-making’ in our village.”, my grandmother told me on our walk. “Most of my poems are melancholic for writing poetry had always been an escape for me. It was a friend whom I could turn to when I felt low. I also used to write poems that were beyond the personal. I loved speaking on behalf of the sad people to let know that they were not alone. I wrote about th…

Ode to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama on His 80th Birthday

Born in the land encircled by the snowcapped mountains, Where human, flora and fauna lived in peace. You, the sun of Tibet rose from Taktser in Amdo On the sixth day of July in the year 1935. Your rays fall on every sentient being, illuminating hearts, The world rejoices in your presence, Your Holiness!
As the red Chinese flag covered your homeland, You fled to keep the hopes of your people alive. Crossing the Himalayas into India's welcome On the thirtieth day of March in the year 1959. In Dhasa, the little Lhasa you found a home, You are our only hope in exile, Your Holiness!
You promote human values and religious harmony, You spread love and compassion wherever you go. Honoured with countless awards, the Nobel Peace Prize On the tenth day of December in the year 1989. You travel the globe in humility and selflessness, The whole world looks up to you, Your Holiness!
At sixteen you bore the burden of Tibet, Living up to the hopes and confidence of the six million. We will forever protect you as on t…


Look at her. She loves you a little more each passing day, Fighting against her feeling of being shot within. Every morning she wakes up to twisted linen  From last night’s hurricane; struggling to sleep.
Look at her. The tears shed from her weary eyes wet her pillow, While salty sobs soak in her burned cheeks. Every night she is haunted by your demons, Keeping her awake with thoughts of you.
Look at her. She takes strolls alone around the city at 3am, Dances with the ghosts of you wandering along. Stumbling each time the ghosts mention your name, They leave her not, they never do.
Look at her. A bony body, still refuses to eat. She stares at her plate as if she sees you there. Every glass of wine she finishes just to forget you, She sees your face at the bottom of the glass..
Look at her. Her chestnut hair uncombed, she never leaves her house, She snuggles her head in her blanket and weeps. She would give every broken piece of her to have you back Her hollow eyes would only sparkle with the colour of yours.

For The Love of Coffee

There’s something ravishing about the bond she shares with coffee. It is as strong as the coffee she prefers. She has coffee on her mind and coffee on her checklist. It tops the list of the things she should never leave. She falls for it time and again for making her day beautiful in every little way it could. From the prayers she says before the first sip of the day's first coffee, to finding months-old stains of dripped coffee on her favourite notepad; she loves every bit of how the addictive drink has to do with her sober life. She laughs at how she slurps her coffee and how the thick and foamy milk stays on her upper lips like a moustache. She loves the strong aroma coming from the rich coffee that fills her surrounding and  how the bitter yet sweet flavour always has a way with her. She is in love with coffee a little too much; she at times, even dreams of spending the rest of her life in a café and nowhere else.

INTERVIEW: Kunga Chemi

Kunga Chemi is a twenty-one year old Tibetan girl from Rajpur, Dehradun (India) who moved to New York, US in the year 2002 when she was only nine. She has a melodious voice.  She sings cover songs and shares them on social media like Sound Cloud, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. She is in a music band in New York called; wOne Sound.

Tenzin Woesel: Hello, I am Tenzin Woesel. I am doing a project to interview young talented Tibetans around the globe to make people of the world aware that Tibet is an independent nation and has its own celebrities just like  other nations. With this project, I also intend to appreciate  and encourage young Tibetan women like you who are talented and are pursuing their passion to go further. For almost a year now I have been enjoying listening to your music and I have a few of your songs on my playlist. Thank you for accepting my request to have an interview with you on Skype. Kunga Chemi: I think what you are doing is really great. Keep up with your aweso…


Flowers wither. Seasons change. Youth ages. Feelings fade. Men pass away; So does time.
Sunrise and sunset Birth and death; Spring, summer, Autumn, then winter. Hellos and goodbyes; Meetings and partings.
Happy a minute; Sad the next. No material permanent; Feelings alike. For nothing lasts, Evermore.

The Salman Khan Verdict

Lately been seeing too many posts on social media about the 'SalmanVerdict' and some heated arguments between the pro-Salman group of people and the opposition. Whatsoever, I hope humanity prevails. I'm neither supporting the Salman Khan verdict, nor against it.
In my view, those people who are pro-Salman are not looking at what bad he had done in the past but rather, bringing up all the good things he has been doing so far. On the other hand, the people who are anti-Salman in this case, are send hate for what had happened in the past and are unaware of, or have forgotten how many lives he has saved. 
That incident happened freakin' 13 (THIRTEEN) years back! I do accept the crime he committed and the punishment he deserves but how he values humanity now should also be considered and appreciated. People sending hate are only discouraging him to work for what he has been doing; helping those who are helpless, when people like him are needed today.
I am NOT saying that he sh…

Oh Ruthless Earthquake, Why Must You Come?

When towers stand tall and buildings, firm;
when men and women work to earn;
when children wear their happy smiles;
why must you come and wreck them all?
Out of the blue, there you turn up
uninvited, unexpected and unforeseen;
shake your hips for hardly any seconds,
dancing to music; no man hears.
The beat you dance to,
turns to groans and moans.
The humans cry in despair,
edifices collapse and souls, crushed.
Why must you come when
all you cause is harm and hurt?
Why must you come when
all you cause is sorrow and suffering?
Why must you come when
all you leave is chaos and corpses?
Why must you come when
all you leave is destruction and dismay?
And in silence you will escape,
leaving people relieved but for a while.
For the few seconds of your emergence,
leaves behind wreckage and ‘SOS’s.
Even if we beg you not to return,
you will, intending a worse destruction.
You’re ruthless, you’re savage,
for you, structures are weak; men, weaker.

12 Questions to All Players from a Curious Victim

1. What do you get in return for cheating and breaking hearts?
2. Do you fake everything right from the beginning or you lose interest as time passes on?
3. Have you ever thought about the feelings of the person you cheated on?
4. Why do you always prey on the innocent hearts?
5. Do you think you can bear the pain if somebody you loved played with your feelings?
6. Have you ever wondered how beautiful our lives would be, if each one of us were devoted to our partners?
7. Why do choose to fool the loyal hearts when there are many other players like you out there?
8. How would you feel if your own brother or sister was deceived and left shattered?
9. Do you think you will realize someday; what you had been doing is a heartless act?
10. Don’t you think life is too short to play games with love and fake feelings?
11. How long are you going to keep doing this awful thing?
12. Don’t you think there is more to life than just being an asshole?

The Struggle

I’ve been struggling  Not to get drowned In the threatening ocean Of my own tears.
But every time I feel  I’ve reached the surface, The waves turn violent; My struggle goes vain.

6 Stages of Unrequited Love for a Stranger

1. You see somebody and there is an instant instinct that he’s going to be your Chuck Bass. 
2. As soon as you get back home, you start looking for his social networking accounts. You stalk him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and every social network you see he is on.
3. You then gobble up all your fears and inhibition, gather up all your courage to click the buttons; “Add Friend” on Facebook, “Follow” on Twitter, add him on Snapchat and turn the blue button green on Instagram. 
4. He keeps your request on pending and all you could do is stalk his public posts on Facebook and his tweets and posts if his accounts can be viewed by public, wishing he would give you a green signal.
5. You try to find out if you have any mutual friends and if you know anyone related to him. Sometimes, they can be a help and sometimes, not. No matter if they can help or not, the guy you crush on never hits you up.
6. You convince yourself that he is not the only guy and that there is a reason there is no spark i…

Spill Your Heart

Spill your heart on me, Your burdened heart. The heart shot with a gun, Loaded with lies and disloyalties. The heart she shattered and abandoned, The one that never healed since then.
Burst on me like a water balloon, Splash me with your sorrows; How you wish she was still here, How you wish she was still yours. The warm cuddles, the tender kisses; All far gone, all you miss.
Spill your heart on me, I can be a wall for you. “Walls have ears.” they say, And thus I will listen. Fear not; I’ll keep them to myself, Walls may have ears but no mouth.
Spill your heart on me, Your burdened heart. Burst on me like a water balloon, And I’ll listen like a wall. Spill your heart on me, Spill. Your. Heart.


Lhakyila is a 17 year old comedienne from Kathmandu, Nepal. She is an 11th-grader, studying Humanities at Rupy’s International School. She makes funny videos and posts these on Instagram, where she currently has more than 5k followers.
We sat down together a week back in the very cozy Hello Café in Boudha, Nepal for cups of coffee and some snacks, talked about our lives and her vines. (A vine is a short video, usually 5 to 10 seconds long of compiled clips of random stuff. They are frequently posted on social websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) Our conversation moved from some weird jokes to rather more serious themes. 
Tenzin Woesel: Hello, I am Tenzin Woesel. I have started a project to interview young talented Tibetans around the globe to make people of the world aware that Tibet is an independent nation and has its own celebrities just like other nations. With this project, I also intend to appreciate  and encourage young Tibetan women like you who are talented and a…