Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ode to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama on His 80th Birthday

Born in the land encircled by the snowcapped mountains,
Where human, flora and fauna lived in peace.
You, the sun of Tibet rose from Taktser in Amdo
On the sixth day of July in the year 1935.
Your rays fall on every sentient being, illuminating hearts,
The world rejoices in your presence, Your Holiness!

As the red Chinese flag covered your homeland,
You fled to keep the hopes of your people alive.
Crossing the Himalayas into India's welcome
On the thirtieth day of March in the year 1959.
In Dhasa, the little Lhasa you found a home,
You are our only hope in exile, Your Holiness!

You promote human values and religious harmony,
You spread love and compassion wherever you go.
Honoured with countless awards, the Nobel Peace Prize
On the tenth day of December in the year 1989.
You travel the globe in humility and selflessness,
The whole world looks up to you, Your Holiness!

At sixteen you bore the burden of Tibet,
Living up to the hopes and confidence of the six million.
We will forever protect you as on the Uprising
On the 10th day of March in the year 1959.
The light in the darkness, the hope of millions,
You are the gem; the purest and treasured, Your Holiness!

For everything you have done for the Tibetan cause,
For the universal promotion of human values and harmony.
We bow down in gratitude as you turn mighty eighty
On the sixth day of July in the year 2015.
The world celebrates your long precious life,
Happy eightieth Birthday, Your Holiness!

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