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A sudden outbreak of humanitarianism after the MH17 tragedy

As I checked my timeline, I grieved along with the families and friends of the 298 hapless people on board in the ill-starred Malaysian Airlines MH17, shot down by the Ukraine rebels who are pro-Russians. The reports and the photographs of the crash site were haunting and nightmarish.  The number of tweets with the hash-tag #MH17 escalated, every now and then on Twitter. One of the users, Oliver Chris, tweeted “I’m sorry for all those lives destroyed so violently and without reason. I’m sorry for the continued selfish inhumanity of…people #MH17”   Chetan Bhagat; a well known Indian author tweeted “Really sad to hear about #MH17. Strange world we live in.”
One of the people I follow on Instagram posted a photo in condolence to MH17 tragedy, captioned “F***ed up world, we live in.”
A close friend of mine told me that it is a bad time we are living in.
     To be honest, the tweets not only left me mourning but bemused me at the same time to see people talking about humanity and how human bei…

Happy Birthday, Bhuchung!

You're that one friend whom I love having around but, every once in a while i really hate you and get the sudden urge to beat the sh*t out of you. Thank you for being a 'good, but-not-that-good' friend for me. May you pass away soon, so you don't have to get scoldings from me anymore. At the same time, I wish you live long, for I haven't beaten you yet for always being that annoying friend. Happy birthday, baby girl! 

PS; I'm hoping i'll make you happy today by using the name I never wanted to be tagged.