Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bare Tree

I’m a bare tree, just a bare tree.
I bear no flower, no scent,
No leaf and no fruit.
I stand alone, all alone.
I’m a bare tree, just a bare tree.

I once had flowers, others envied.
A fruits-laden tree, many admired.
I had leaves that beautified me.
I looked complete but not anymore;
I’m a bare tree, just a bare tree.

For long I stared at the tree next to me,
It looked beautiful just as I used to be.
The breeze carried the scent from its flowers.
The leaves and the fruits made me feel;
I’m a bare tree, just a bare tree.

I too had the flowers and the scent.
I had the leaves and the fruits.
I looked beautiful; not anymore.
They left me all alone to say -
“I’m a bare tree, just a bare tree.”

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Wild Flower

I’m not the red rose 
you would pick up
from the bunch of pretty roses 
your lady love would hand you.

I’m not one of those grand tulips
from the vast fields of Amsterdam
where everyone would not hesitate 
to pose for a beautiful picture. 

I’m just a wild flower on a plain hill,
longing for somebody to embrace 
the strength, solitude and love
that grow along with me.  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


WARNING: Sociable people may find this piece of writing shitty and exaggerated about being Selectively Social. 

Well! I am frank, entertaining, funny, cool, out-going, loud, chatty and everything you could expect a sociable person to be… But I am only sociable with a certain kind of people and that’s what tags me ‘The Selectively Social’. I’m close and frank only with my family and friends.
If you can relate to the list of things I posted below, there are 100% chances we can become instant best friends. 

1. You are very frank and loud at home or when you are with your friends but you turn into a timid shy ball when you are with people you hardly know. 

2. You are the entertainer in your friends circle but you hate it when your friends expect you to entertain a crowd of strangers. 

3. You are very close to just one or two friends among your friends circle. With the rest of the friends in your circle, you are comfortable being you but you are not too close. 

4. There’s an uncertainty when you agree to keep in touch with people. There are days when you want to talk to people yet there are days when you don’t want to talk to anyone.

5. When your friends ask you to join them for an outing, the first thing you ask is; “Who else are coming along?” and the answer is always, always a BIG influence on your decision.

6. You try your best to avoid having a conversation with people and hence, you stay away as far as you can from your next-door neighbour, classmates, colleagues and friends of friends.

7. You enjoy being alone rather than hanging out with a bunch of people... but you become one of them if you join in.

8. You hate it when people comment on how boring you and your life are. When others plan for a freaking weekend partying, shopping and movies, all you look forward to is, a stay-at-home weekend, doing nothing much but just relax, read a book, write articles and dance to the blaring music with your pyjamas on. 

9. You cannot forgive yourself for inviting people to your home. Most of the time, you care the least about modesties but sometimes, “You can visit my place when you want to.” slips off your mouth and all you do is, regret. Just regret! You will then think of every possible excuse to give when they say they are visiting you. 

10. You hate it when your girlfriend or boyfriend has an out-going personality and you always get tagged ‘my lifeless girlfriend/boyfriend’. And if you are a single like me, your dream partner is not somebody who gets annoyed when you make no plans for hangouts and movies but somebody who loves staying at home spending quality time with you.

11. You love being around people you are close with but most of the time you cherish solitude. It’s not that you never want to be with people but at the same time it’s not that you want to be alone always. Nobody can or will ever understand your behaviour just as you yourself cannot.

12. You can stay mysteriously unplugged for weeks on end. There are days you talk to people a lot and there are days when you don’t even respond to the text messages and calls. 

13. You fear getting close to people. Sometimes you get along with a person very well but there comes a point where you think you are getting close to that somebody and you disconnect immediately for a long time. Getting attached to people isn’t your cup of tea.

14. You fancy the idea of people being sociable but you don’t want to attend gatherings even if all the friends in your circle gather. You hate to turn down an invitation because you don’t want to upset people but your solitude weighs more than that for you. 

15. There’s nothing more annoying than having an out-going person as your company. They can get on your nerves, talk to you about topics you least care and will persuade you to accompany them out on days you want to stay at home doing nothing. They will keep you waiting on the way while they talk to everyone they meet. Just because they smile and talk to everyone, you are seen crystal clear as ‘the contrast’.

16. To those people who don’t know you; you are and will remain that ‘grumpy, rude and anti-social person’ which in reality you aren’t.

Friday, September 12, 2014


I cursed the scorching sun till it set,
And the plain flower till it withered.
I cursed the pale moon till it faded;
And everything worthless till nothing's left.

I mourned for the mighty sun set for the day,
And for the lovely flower that soon withered.
I mourned for the tranquil moon that faded away...
And everything worthy I've lost.

For the sun rises every other day,
And flowers bloom every spring season..
The moon emerges grand every night,
I believe; "What goes around, comes around."

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dear Sun

Your rays touch my skin and wake me up every morning.
You know not how I struggle each night to go to bed.
The stars and the moon gaze at me shedding tears,
Too sad; they cannot make a move and comfort me. 

I hope you leave not but stay for the night,
And watch me toss and turn to fall asleep.
Would you still touch my skin and wake me up?
Or would you hold back and allow me to sleep undisturbed? 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The man far gone

She dives and rises in love,
Dives and rises..
Like a mermaid in a deep blue sea.

She soars high and low in love,
High and low..
Like a butterfly in the spring season.

She weeps and misses her man,
Like a widow who just lost her husband.
She knows not if he would return 
Like days long gone, never come back. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

A sudden outbreak of humanitarianism after the MH17 tragedy

As I checked my timeline, I grieved along with the families and friends of the 298 hapless people on board in the ill-starred Malaysian Airlines MH17, shot down by the Ukraine rebels who are pro-Russians. The reports and the photographs of the crash site were haunting and nightmarish. 
The number of tweets with the hash-tag #MH17 escalated, every now and then on Twitter. One of the users, Oliver Chris, tweeted “I’m sorry for all those lives destroyed so violently and without reason. I’m sorry for the continued selfish inhumanity of…people #MH17”  
Chetan Bhagat; a well known Indian author tweeted “Really sad to hear about #MH17. Strange world we live in.”
One of the people I follow on Instagram posted a photo in condolence to MH17 tragedy, captioned “F***ed up world, we live in.”
A close friend of mine told me that it is a bad time we are living in.

     To be honest, the tweets not only left me mourning but bemused me at the same time to see people talking about humanity and how human beings are being extremely selfish as though it was the first case of violence. It is not. We live in an age where we celebrate self-centeredness as well as criticize it. When it comes to ourselves, we believe that accomplishing our own dreams and wishes matter more than everything else but when another person has this very thought, we start criticizing this concept. I would feel privileged if I got the chance to ask each person tweeting about the lack of humanitarianism in the world, how they themselves are good human beings in their own society. One does not need a missile to go against humanitarianism. An ill thought and a selfish mind resulting in an unethical action in our daily lives contributes to the suffering in the world and to its evils. We always blame the time we are in, by tagging it as ‘bad’ when actually it is us who are bad.  Bad people result in bad times and make the world as strange as Chetan Bhagat believes that we live in. 

“Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.” –Martin Luther King, Jr.
The loss of the leading researchers of HIV AIDS on board MH17 is a huge loss for the world. They are the hopes of millions affected by AIDS. The masterminds behind this dreadful action are human beings. His Holiness constantly reminds us that we are different from other living beings. There are no living beings as intelligent as we are. It is humans who invented all of our technologies but when we misuse our intelligence, we are no less than the animals. Every one of us wants happiness and nobody wants suffering and pain. Science and technology have succeeded and produced a good outcome in so many areas; nevertheless, the problems caused by human beings are still rampant.

The horror of the shooting down of the MH17 flight completely changed my thoughts. Since my childhood till now, I saw airplanes in the sky as airplanes, and nothing more. But now I realise it is not just an airplane but an aircraft carrying hundreds of lives in it and hundreds more connected to those lives. Each person who died in this incident had a dream, a wish, a hope and a plan. They had families, friends and loved ones awaiting them and wishing the best for them.
     I was completely shattered and saddened by the incident .We often take every little thing in our lives for granted. We do not know when we are going to die but so caught up are we in our virtual worlds that we forget the real world we live in.
I pity those people who are unaware of being controlled by their negative emotions and hence are accumulating bad karma. Let us think of those who were grief-stricken by this tragic news. My thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the passengers and the crew members aboard MH17. May god bless us all!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, Bhuchung!

You're that one friend whom I love having around but, every once in a while i really hate you and get the sudden urge to beat the sh*t out of you. Thank you for being a 'good, but-not-that-good' friend for me. May you pass away soon, so you don't have to get scoldings from me anymore. At the same time, I wish you live long, for I haven't beaten you yet for always being that annoying friend. Happy birthday, baby girl! 


PS; I'm hoping i'll make you happy today by using the name I never wanted to be tagged.

Friday, March 7, 2014

International Women's Day

International Women's Day is also known as Working Women's Day. It is celebrated on the 8th day of March every year. Women has been an integral part of the human society since time immemorial. A woman turns a house into a home. In early times, men go to wars and hail glory but women stay at home, look after the house and the children. They are strong enough to stay away from their husbands who go to war for months. As Euripedes says in his play 'Medea', women is no less heroic than men. 

As a young woman from another country studying in Delhi, India, the only thing that worries me every time is, when I need to go out, the question comes if it is risky for a woman to go alone, regardless of what time of the day it is. There are news about women being raped and molested in the papers and TV news channels almost everyday. We are judged by the way we  dress. Since we are foreigners in the country, we were at times being teased for having a different face, unlike the local people.

Just as the coins have two sides, there's a brighter side to being a woman in Delhi too. The job opportunities for women, the equal treatment of both the sexes, the shopping malls, the women compartment in the metro-rail service, and etc, make our stay in the city more advantageous. We become more independent. Despite the insecurities I have, due to the constant pressures of the city being unsafe for women, I have grown stronger and more responsible. Living away from my family in a new place, I have become aware of the vulnerabilities of being a woman in a big city like Delhi. 

I strongly feel that there should be  GPRS facilities in the auto rickshaws, police men should make rounds in the city more often and the government should take the rape cases very seriously and give the accused the punishment they deserve, so as to make women in the city enjoy womanhood without being discriminated, harassed and to make them feel secure.

Happy Women's Day!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tibetan New Year; LOSAR

Tibet is known as ‘The Roof of the World’. It has the highest plateau region on earth. It neighbours China on the north and India, Nepal, and Bhutan on the south.  The country is the source of river Brahmaputra, Indus, and many other major rivers flowing to India and south Asia. It is the homeland to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and 6 million Tibetans scattered all across the globe. We have been in India as refugees for the last 60 years.
Tibetan New Year also known as Losar (‘Lo’ literally means ‘Year’ and ‘Sar’ means ‘New’) is the most important festival on the Tibetan calendar. It falls very close to the Mongolian and Chinese New Year following a lunar calendar. The festivities last for 15 days and the first three days are the most important.  This year, it falls on the 2nd of March. According to Tibetan Calendar, it will be the first day of the Wood-Horse year 2141. We go to temples and worship, hang colourful prayer flags, sing and dance. We drink ‘chang’ (fermented rice beer typically made from barley.)  We prepare special delicacies for the occasion.
The celebration of Losar begins on the 29th day of the 12th month of the Tibetan calendar, the day before Tibetan New Year's Eve (known as Nyi-Shu-Gu- which means ‘the 29th’). We do a thorough cleaning of our houses and the surroundings with a view to driving away misfortunes and negativities that may come during that year. On the evening of that day, every household prepare a special dish called "Gu-thuk"  which is prepared from nine different ingredients including dried cheese and various grains. After the dinner, one person from the family carries a flaming torch around the house to cast out evil spirits. We also make a small effigy out of dough which we call ‘Lue’. This represents all the misfortunes and sicknesses, and diseases that we remove that evening. We usher in the New Year with hopes and aspiration for brighter days ahead.

The First Three Days Are The Highlight of the Event: The first day of Losar is called ‘Lama Losar.' We welcome the New Year by honouring our spiritual teachers. Gurus and disciples greet each other with wishes of peace and prosperity. We offer barley sprouts and Tsampa (roasted barley flour with butter) and other grains to warrant a good harvest for the year. People visit their friends and tish ‘Tashi Delek’ which means “Best Wishes” in Tibetan.The second day of Losar is called ‘Gyalpo Losar’ (Kings' Losar). We honour community and national leaders on this day. Back in Tibet in olden times, people offer gifts to kings at public festivals with much funfair.  The third day of the Losar is ‘Choe-Kyong Losar.' (Choe-kyong means ‘a Dharma Protector.’) On that day, we make special offerings to deities. We string up colourful prayer buntings on the hills, mountains, and rooftops and burn juniper twigs and incense to propitiate gods and goddesses to bring luck.
1. Chang koel: Also known as Tibetan rice beer, it is made of barley in Tibet but in exile, it is also made from millet or rice.
The New Year wraps up with ‘Choe-nga Choepa’ which is the 15th day of New Year celebrations. ‘Choe-nga’ in Tibetan means ‘fifteen’ and ‘Choepa’ means ‘offerings.’  Monks exhibit colourful sculpted cones out of butter with images of deities.  They perform purification rituals before crafting elaborate works of art that are put on display in the monasteries.
The most important place in a Tibetan home is the family shrine. We put up stacks of New Year pastries, roasted and buttered flour, fermented rice beer and dry fruits on the altar draped with ceremonial scarves called 'Khatak.'  The offerings placed on the altar is called Derga. Every household has a Derga each on their altar. Apart from 'Derga,' other food and drinks offerings vary from family to family.
A wooden box with double compartments, carved with intricate design is filled with roasted and buttered barley flour in one compartment and wheat in the other. This is called 'Chemar.' When a visitor comes in, they go straight to the family shrine and take a pinch of roasted barley flour, say a prayer and throw it in the air.

The typical Losar food and drinks are as follows-

2. Khapsey: It is a crispy pastry prepared for Losar by every Tibetan family.  They are made days ahead of the New Year. It is also made for other formal festivals like; marriages, enthronement of lamas etc.

3.Guthuk: This is a type of soup with dough balls that Tibetans have for dinner a day before the New Year eve. We also put nine large dough balls which clearly stand out among the rest that contains a small rolled up piece of paper at their center and on these pieces of paper are written certain words that stand as metaphors for certain human characteristic, both positive and negative.

4. Dresil: It is a sweetened rice with butter and raisins that we serve on special occasions like weddings and special Buddhist holidays.

5. Bhoe-jha: The ‘Tibetan Butter Tea’ is made with Tibetan tea leaves, a little amount of milk, butter and salt.

6. Momo: This is the most popular Tibetan dish. They are steamed dumplings stuffed with either meat or vegetables or potato. Pan fried momos are called 'Kothay.'

 I am a 19 year old Tibetan girl. Born in India to a refugee parents, I have never seen my own homeland. I long for the day when I will be able to celebrate our New Year in my homeland, with my fellow country men and women, in front of the great Potala Palace!