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Bare Tree

I’m a bare tree, just a bare tree. I bear no flower, no scent, No leaf and no fruit. I stand alone, all alone. I’m a bare tree, just a bare tree.
I once had flowers, others envied. A fruits-laden tree, many admired. I had leaves that beautified me. I looked complete but not anymore; I’m a bare tree, just a bare tree.
For long I stared at the tree next to me, It looked beautiful just as I used to be. The breeze carried the scent from its flowers. The leaves and the fruits made me feel; I’m a bare tree, just a bare tree.
I too had the flowers and the scent. I had the leaves and the fruits. I looked beautiful; not anymore. They left me all alone to say - “I’m a bare tree, just a bare tree.”

Wild Flower

I’m not the red rose  you would pick up from the bunch of pretty roses  your lady love would hand you.
I’m not one of those grand tulips from the vast fields of Amsterdam where everyone would not hesitate  to pose for a beautiful picture. 
I’m just a wild flower on a plain hill, longing for somebody to embrace  the strength, solitude and love that grow along with me.  


WARNING: Sociable people may find this piece of writing shitty and exaggerated about being Selectively Social. 
Well! I am frank, entertaining, funny, cool, out-going, loud, chatty and everything you could expect a sociable person to be… But I am only sociable with a certain kind of people and that’s what tags me ‘The Selectively Social’. I’m close and frank only with my family and friends. If you can relate to the list of things I posted below, there are 100% chances we can become instant best friends. 
1. You are very frank and loud at home or when you are with your friends but you turn into a timid shy ball when you are with people you hardly know. 
2. You are the entertainer in your friends circle but you hate it when your friends expect you to entertain a crowd of strangers. 
3. You are very close to just one or two friends among your friends circle. With the rest of the friends in your circle, you are comfortable being you but you are not too close. 
4. There’s an uncertainty when you…


I cursed the scorching sun till it set,And the plain flower till it withered. I cursed the pale moon till it faded; And everything worthless till nothing's left.
I mourned for the mighty sun set for the day, And for the lovely flower that soon withered. I mourned for the tranquil moon that faded away... And everything worthy I've lost.
For the sun rises every other day, And flowers bloom every spring season.. The moon emerges grand every night, I believe; "What goes around, comes around."

Dear Sun

Your rays touch my skin and wake me up every morning. You know not how I struggle each night to go to bed. The stars and the moon gaze at me shedding tears, Too sad; they cannot make a move and comfort me. 
I hope you leave not but stay for the night, And watch me toss and turn to fall asleep. Would you still touch my skin and wake me up? Or would you hold back and allow me to sleep undisturbed? 

The man far gone

She dives and rises in love, Dives and rises.. Like a mermaid in a deep blue sea.
She soars high and low in love, High and low.. Like a butterfly in the spring season.
She weeps and misses her man, Like a widow who just lost her husband. She knows not if he would return  Like days long gone, never come back.

A sudden outbreak of humanitarianism after the MH17 tragedy

As I checked my timeline, I grieved along with the families and friends of the 298 hapless people on board in the ill-starred Malaysian Airlines MH17, shot down by the Ukraine rebels who are pro-Russians. The reports and the photographs of the crash site were haunting and nightmarish.  The number of tweets with the hash-tag #MH17 escalated, every now and then on Twitter. One of the users, Oliver Chris, tweeted “I’m sorry for all those lives destroyed so violently and without reason. I’m sorry for the continued selfish inhumanity of…people #MH17”   Chetan Bhagat; a well known Indian author tweeted “Really sad to hear about #MH17. Strange world we live in.”
One of the people I follow on Instagram posted a photo in condolence to MH17 tragedy, captioned “F***ed up world, we live in.”
A close friend of mine told me that it is a bad time we are living in.
     To be honest, the tweets not only left me mourning but bemused me at the same time to see people talking about humanity and how human bei…

Happy Birthday, Bhuchung!

You're that one friend whom I love having around but, every once in a while i really hate you and get the sudden urge to beat the sh*t out of you. Thank you for being a 'good, but-not-that-good' friend for me. May you pass away soon, so you don't have to get scoldings from me anymore. At the same time, I wish you live long, for I haven't beaten you yet for always being that annoying friend. Happy birthday, baby girl! 

PS; I'm hoping i'll make you happy today by using the name I never wanted to be tagged.

International Women's Day

International Women's Day is also known as Working Women's Day. It is celebrated on the 8th day of March every year. Women has been an integral part of the human society since time immemorial. A woman turns a house into a home. In early times, men go to wars and hail glory but women stay at home, look after the house and the children. They are strong enough to stay away from their husbands who go to war for months. As Euripedes says in his play 'Medea', women is no less heroic than men. 
As a young woman from another country studying in Delhi, India, the only thing that worries me every time is, when I need to go out, the question comes if it is risky for a woman to go alone, regardless of what time of the day it is. There are news about women being raped and molested in the papers and TV news channels almost everyday. We are judged by the way we  dress. Since we are foreigners in the country, we were at times being teased for having a different face, unlike the local p…

Tibetan New Year; LOSAR

Tibet is known as ‘The Roof of the World’. It has the highest plateau region on earth. It neighbours China on the north and India, Nepal, and Bhutan on the south.  The country is the source of river Brahmaputra, Indus, and many other major rivers flowing to India and south Asia. It is the homeland to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and 6 million Tibetans scattered all across the globe. We have been in India as refugees for the last 60 years.

Tibetan New Year also known as Losar (‘Lo’ literally means ‘Year’ and ‘Sar’ means ‘New’) is the most important festival on the Tibetan calendar. It falls very close to the Mongolian and Chinese New Year following a lunar calendar. The festivities last for 15 days and the first three days are the most important.  This year, it falls on the 2nd of March. According to Tibetan Calendar, it will be the first day of the Wood-Horse year 2141. We go to temples and worship, hang colourful prayer flags, sing and dance. We drink ‘chang’ (fermented rice bee…