Sunday, November 24, 2013

Many reasons to love this day!

Despite having the jittery mind going through the exam phase, Monday still made me smile and it's not just one reason it gave me, but many! 
This controversial, yet celebrated blogger; Perez Hilton retweeted my tweet early this morning, trailed by a 'Follow' from Cody Simpson at 6am (which I least expected). The dashing boy-band whom I have dedicated three long years as an obsessed fan-girl; One Direction's third album #MidnightMemories is officially released today although it has been leaked a week early. Further more, one of the big music awards, #AMAs 2013 is happening right now in Los Angeles. In spite of not being able to watch it LIVE due to the examination week i'm going through, i'm getting the best of updates from  Hollywood's oh-so-entertaining Celebrity-journalists whom I look up to. Adding to the thrill of AMAs, One Direction is performing LIVE today. The last reason for the big weird smile on my happy face is; Justin Bieber's new music #RollerCoaster is going be out today . I have been one of those many people who all the time give rants to the blameless Monday but Bieber has given all the Beliebers the reason to love the 'used-to-be-dull' day, ever since he started #MusicMondays. 
Aaah It's just the start and I'm already in love with the day! Happy Monday, friends! Keep me in your prayers for the paper I have to face today. 

Monday, November 11, 2013


I confess, I am hooked to Twitter and that doesn't make me any less of a sensible human being. 'Being human' can be practiced anywhere! Yes, Twitter must be a big waste of time, stalking celebrities and tweeting what's happening in our daily lives but there are more to it than people who haven't been on Twitter can ever think of. There are wise and sensible tweets also, not just gossips!
#PrayForJustinBieber and #StayStrongJustin is trending on Twitter, the world knows. Yes, he is below-par due to the food poisoning in Argentina but the suffering he is going through is not even the half of what Philippines; the country who is hit by the deadliest natural disaster on record; Typhoon Yolanda, is facing. There are over millions of Beliebers(Justin Bieber's fan and I'm one among them) who have been tweeting #PrayForJustin and are other millions(I'm also in that category) who are passing judgement on how the Beliebers cannot think of how disastrous life the Philippians are experiencing at the moment. I'm writing this article with a neutral opinion on both the hot Twitter trends, unbiased and on the fence. 
                Being Beliebers, we are worried of Justin; who is feeling down in the dumps with his recent break up with his almost-3 years girlfriend Selena Gomez, being on headlines for the naughty stuffs he has been doing and in addition to these, his health on the off-colour is irrefutably a dispiriting thing for him, his dear ones and the fan base. We are trending the #PrayForJustinBieber to show him love, support and prayers so that he will psychologically feel better. I humbly appeal each one of you, not to deem the Beliebers as selfish and immoral as many tweeted so, but just understand that we ourselves are living in a Bieber-world, obsessed with him and fretting over his illness.
     The devastating news of Philippines being tormented by the Typhoon Yolanda, was in headlines everywhere around the world. As per the BBC News; Officials estimate up to 10,000 people have died in Tacloban city and elsewhere. Hundreds of thousands of people are displaced. "We are so very hungry and thirsty." one survivor told the BBC's Jon Donnison in Tacloban.
It is disheartening to hear about the nightmarish life they are undergoing. It is definitely unimaginable of how they are living through this tragedy and how smooth yet discontented lives we are living. We should always appreciate what we have and be gratified rather than complain of what we do not have because we never know when it will be all gone.We are too engrossed in our own activities that we do not realize the miseries others are going through. The victims are living a miserable life and why not take some time out from our eventful life and pray for them? If you are on any social-networking sites, post or tweet #PrayForThePhilippines and this way we can at least give them rays of hope and support whether it makes some sense or not. The Beliebers, pray for the Philippines too and not only for our Justin. Let us weigh the priorities and send prayers to the victims of the catastrophe.
I plea, before you go to bed tonight, pray for those who cannot sleep, those who are hungry and thirsty, those who have lost their families and friends, and those who have lost their lives. Let's pray all together!