Sunday, November 24, 2013

Many reasons to love this day!

Despite having the jittery mind going through the exam phase, Monday still made me smile and it's not just one reason it gave me, but many! 
This controversial, yet celebrated blogger; Perez Hilton retweeted my tweet early this morning, trailed by a 'Follow' from Cody Simpson at 6am (which I least expected). The dashing boy-band whom I have dedicated three long years as an obsessed fan-girl; One Direction's third album #MidnightMemories is officially released today although it has been leaked a week early. Further more, one of the big music awards, #AMAs 2013 is happening right now in Los Angeles. In spite of not being able to watch it LIVE due to the examination week i'm going through, i'm getting the best of updates from  Hollywood's oh-so-entertaining Celebrity-journalists whom I look up to. Adding to the thrill of AMAs, One Direction is performing LIVE today. The last reason for the big weird smile on my happy face is; Justin Bieber's new music #RollerCoaster is going be out today . I have been one of those many people who all the time give rants to the blameless Monday but Bieber has given all the Beliebers the reason to love the 'used-to-be-dull' day, ever since he started #MusicMondays. 
Aaah It's just the start and I'm already in love with the day! Happy Monday, friends! Keep me in your prayers for the paper I have to face today. 


  1. it was worth going through your blog

  2. Woesel, keep writing, we love reading your blog