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6 Stages of Unrequited Love for a Stranger

1. You see somebody and there is an instant instinct that he’s going to be your Chuck Bass. 
2. As soon as you get back home, you start looking for his social networking accounts. You stalk him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and every social network you see he is on.
3. You then gobble up all your fears and inhibition, gather up all your courage to click the buttons; “Add Friend” on Facebook, “Follow” on Twitter, add him on Snapchat and turn the blue button green on Instagram. 
4. He keeps your request on pending and all you could do is stalk his public posts on Facebook and his tweets and posts if his accounts can be viewed by public, wishing he would give you a green signal.
5. You try to find out if you have any mutual friends and if you know anyone related to him. Sometimes, they can be a help and sometimes, not. No matter if they can help or not, the guy you crush on never hits you up.
6. You convince yourself that he is not the only guy and that there is a reason there is no spark i…

Spill Your Heart

Spill your heart on me, Your burdened heart. The heart shot with a gun, Loaded with lies and disloyalties. The heart she shattered and abandoned, The one that never healed since then.
Burst on me like a water balloon, Splash me with your sorrows; How you wish she was still here, How you wish she was still yours. The warm cuddles, the tender kisses; All far gone, all you miss.
Spill your heart on me, I can be a wall for you. “Walls have ears.” they say, And thus I will listen. Fear not; I’ll keep them to myself, Walls may have ears but no mouth.
Spill your heart on me, Your burdened heart. Burst on me like a water balloon, And I’ll listen like a wall. Spill your heart on me, Spill. Your. Heart.