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The Love-Cursed Voyage

We set off from the shore of love,
Love which gave rise to expectations,
Expectations of things going perfect,
Perfect as planned, as we sailed.

The day we headed into the sea,
The sun shined bright and the sea; calm.
"Bon Voyage" and waves, heartbeat fast,
Happiness in our heart flashed on our faces.

Days passed as we sailed into the vast sea,
Waves started drifting us hither and thither.
Dark clouds wandered, harsh winds blew,
We uttered "God, save us" but all in vain!

Thunders roared down the sky,
To the sea, we were sailing gleefully.
Lightning stroke and left us pathetic
Never did we expect this would happen.

We held our hands tight and prayed,
We held our breath long, then sighed.
If only we can reach the shores back,
If only we have not started the voyage.

The deafening thunder rumbled,
The volcanic lightning flashed.
We cursed the weather, we cursed love.
We blamed our fate. Our destiny as well.

Our ship started sinking, we panicked.
Seeing death trolling us, we lost our nerve.
We s…